Chunky Move Residency

Loci Walmsley
Life as a dance student at the Adelaide College of the Arts – Lochie Walmsley (2017 ASC graduate)
March 27, 2018
Abdul Abdullah Residency
Abdul Abdullah Residency
June 8, 2018
All Saints' College drama students

Chunky Move Residency

Tuesday,27 Mar

From 6 – 9 March 2018 at All Saints’ College, Senior School students and the HotHouse Company welcomed Niharika Senapati from the Melbourne flagship dance company, Chunky Move.

Chunky Move is critically acclaimed and recognised internationally due to the company’s unique style of movement, technique and performances.

Throughout the week Niharika ran classes for the students in Years 9 to 1 and a Dance Teachers’ Professional Development workshop. She also hosted the Year 12 Dance Day where students were taught the Countertechinque put into place at Chunky Move, as well as workshops to help create interesting movements for their Original Solo assessments. Year 12 students also enjoyed a more in-depth look at some of Chunky Moves’ pieces and learned more about the company’s history, as well as repertoire from the shows studied in class.

On the following Saturday, a group of 10 students from the wider community took part in a full day class offered by Niharika, learning more about Chunky Move’s infamous Countertechnique and workshopping movement. The experience that the students were offered was invaluable and the teachings are something that they took wholeheartedly.

Ella August
All Saints’ College Year 12 student

All Saints' College dance movements  All Saints' College dance students

All Saints' College dance students

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