Drama Teacher Professional Development Opportunity with Lisa Scott-Murphy

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HotHouse Company and The Last Great Hunt’s Price Tag collaboration premieres at Fringe
February 22, 2017
The Incubation Project with Lisa Scott-Murphy
The Incubation Project with Lisa Scott-Murphy
March 8, 2017
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Drama Teacher Professional Development Opportunity with Lisa Scott-Murphy

Wednesday,22 Feb

The HotHouse Company recently presented a Professional Development Opportunity for Drama Teachers across Perth, hosted by internationally-recognised movement and performance specialist Lisa Scott-Murphy.

Lisa began the highly-engaging workshop by discussing the theory and practise of theatre and acting specialists Robert Wilson, Robert Lepage and Vsvelod Meyerhold. She then presented detailed classroom activities for the Drama teachers, before they observed her working with two All Saints’ College (ASC) Year 12 Drama students.

For two hours, Lisa put Vivien and Matt through a series of gruelling exercises which were designed to aid in the teaching of essential curriculum content. Both students represented the ASC community extremely well, with many teachers commenting on how they were both so wonderful.

Reflections from the students:

“Although daunting, working with Lisa Scott-Murphy was a deeply valuable experience. Lisa’s Drama Teachers’ PD taught me more about devising pieces of drama, evoking my own emotions and experimentation with dramatic choices than I would have ever imagined. I’ve always been reluctant to take risks in terms of performance; however, working with Lisa provided Matt and I an environment in which we were able to do so, and if those risks were complete flops, that was okay too. Despite working with Lisa for such a limited amount of time, it was evident that I left with a little bit more confidence. Overall I not only enjoyed but learnt a lot from the experience. I am very much looking forward to working with Lisa for the school’s production that we will be beginning rehearsals for very soon! Vivien Pua (Year 12 Drama student from All Saints’ College)

“One of the best things about the Arts program at All Saints’ is the opportunities that we are presented with to further our learning through The HotHouse Company’s cocurricular events and workshops. For me, recently being involved in working with Lisa Scott-Murphy during her staff PD at the College was such a privilege. Her expertise in drama teaching is second to none and simply being able to absorb the knowledge she was presenting throughout the afternoon was fantastic, and is something that will help me in both my practical work and the written components of the ATAR Drama course. In particular, the improvisation activities, of which she used both Vivien and me to demonstrate to the visiting teachers, resonates with me as something that I will definitely use throughout the devising stage of my Original Solo Performance for WACE. For me, this conceptual and script-writing stage of the process is always the hardest, and adding to my ‘acting toolbox’ the various improvisation techniques and acting theorist philosophies that Lisa has taught us, I’m hoping, will help me to discover that initial seed of an idea.” Matt Bryan (Year 12 Drama student from All Saints’ College)

Lisa is also working on several other ventures with The HotHouse Company throughout the year including more Staff Professional Development opportunities, The Incubation Project and as a movement consultant for the College’s Production, Animal Farm.

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