The Incubation Project with Lisa Scott-Murphy

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Drama Teacher Professional Development Opportunity with Lisa Scott-Murphy
February 22, 2017
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March 29, 2017
The Incubation Project with Lisa Scott-Murphy

The Incubation Project with Lisa Scott-Murphy

Wednesday,8 Mar

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In conjunction with the HotHouse Company, Lisa Scott-Murphy directed and devised an engaging two-day workshop for Senior School Drama students titled The Incubation Project. The workshop exposed students to physical theatre to create their own drama works.

All Saints’ College Year 11 student, Genevieve Bowyer-Funnell reflected on the workshop:

On the 25 and 26 February 2017, nine Senior School Drama students participated in the HotHouse Company experience entitled, The Incubation Project, devised and directed by Lisa Scott-Murphy, a drama practitioner of over 30 years.

The work we constructed over two days was entitled Aftermath, and was the third instalment in the trilogy Lisa has created. The process of crafting this work mainly involved improvisation using physical theatre. Little or no words were spoken during the performance so all emotion was conveyed through movement. All concepts that Lisa gave us were very abstract and allowed us to be creative and to use our own style to express ourselves throughout the exercises.

Some of the concepts Lisa gave us were that there was a precipice across the stage, with something unknown over the edge, we were to approach the precipice and jump in and improvise what happened. Another was that we all thought of a defining moment in our lives that changed us, as we walked across the stage we were to convey this moment through movement.

My favourite and the exercise I found most helpful and eye opening, was what we dubbed ‘Border 1’, where each individual strived to cross a border, it was a struggle for everyone but in different ways. I imagined I had a sort of black goo that stretched as I walked towards the border so every move was a fight. All exercises were individual journeys but done in a group so you could feed off other people and see what they were doing which was really interesting and helpful. I learnt a lot from my peers as they are all very talented and had clearly different but still effective styles. This made our end piece very interesting and diverse and everyone could take a different thing away from each person.

The Incubation Project - 3The Incubation Project - 4

This experience is completely unique and different to anything I’d ever done and it was extremely beneficial. Working with such abstract concepts really allowed me to think outside the box and stretch my imagination and what my body could do to express myself. I also got a lot closer with the people I worked with as I have never immersed myself and completely let go as I did with my peers. I highly recommend that a similar workshop happens in the future as I benefited a lot from them.

Thank you to Lisa for putting us through a rigorous but ultimately freeing process.

The work, which will also have two additional works that will include students from Years 7 ­­­­­- 10 will be performed on 8 May 2017.

For more information on workshops and performances, please click HERE.

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