‘The Laser Man’ – A stop motion animation film

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The Laser Man stop motion animation title

‘The Laser Man’ – A stop motion animation film

Tuesday,4 Dec

As part of their 2018 Media studies at All Saints’ College, Year 9 students Madhav Rajesh and Myles Keeffe created a stop motion animation film titled The Laser Man.

Madhav and Myles produced the film entirely withLEGO®  and utilised specific camera techniques and angles, lighting, and music to convey their original story. As part of this assessment, students were asked to create an original and interesting experience that engages an audience; incorporate a simple narrative; develop a script; use animation codes and conventions cinematically to convey meaning; and, create characters that are relatable. Their stop motion animation was produced over a few weeks using Canon DSLRs, Manfrotto tripods and Animashooter.

“This project showed us the importance of keeping colour temperature constant unless the scene has changed, and the importance of aperture in Media, and how it can be utilised to convey different ideas. It also helped us to learn about frame rate and how different frame rates can be used to show action or shots with little movement,” said Madhav and Myles.

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