About Us

The HotHouse is an incubation environment where unique and experimental ideas are given the necessary raw materials to grow and bloom into whatever they are destined to be.

The HotHouse Company is a project that offers All Saints’ College and the wider community an engaging, innovative, inter-disciplinary and sustainable holistic arts program, linking with partners in the arts industry.

The artists that associate with the HotHouse Company are innovators in the world of the arts. The various programs and events hosted by the HotHouse Company offer unique opportunities to observe and work alongside artists, companies, creatives and leading arts academies, both local and international.

Our project comprises a myriad of extremely diverse offerings catering to all ages and abilities from young budding artists to the fully bloomed; from the casual observer to the seasoned arts appreciator. There is something for everyone in the HotHouse and the doors are always open.